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 We are famous for Home Appliance Repairs + Commercial Appliance Repairs. We are simply the best Domestic Repair Shop in the Randburg Area!

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Dyson approved repairer randburg

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Our Services

Washing machine repairs randburg

Front loader - TOP LOADER

Washing Machine Problems?

  • Is your washing machine noisy?
  • Does your washing machine bounce round
  • Washing machine tearing clothes?
  • Does your washing machine take forever to drain?
  • My washing machine won’t spin!
  • There’s no water.
  • The washing machine door won’t open!
  • It’s smelly.
  • Washing machine leaking?

Which washing machine brand would you like us to fix?

Samsung | Defy | Bosch | Hisense | Seimens | Midea | LG |Whirlpool | Speed Queen

Broken dishwasher randburg

*Built In Dishwasher - Portable Dishwasher - Counter top Dishwasher - Integrated Dishwasher -Drawer Style Dishwasher

Dishwasher Problems?

  • Dishes Don’t Get Clean. 
  • Dishwasher Doesn’t Start. 
  • Dishwasher Doesn’t Fill Up.
  • Dishwasher Keeps Filling Up. 
  • Water Doesn’t Drain. 
  • Water Leaks From the Dishwasher.
  • Door Doesn’t Latch.
  • Dishwasher Makes Noise.

Which dishwasher machine brand would you like us to fix?

Samsung | Defy | Bosch | Hisense | Seimens | Midea | LG |Whirlpool | SMEG 
AEG | Grundig


broken oven randburg

Coil Top stove - Smooth Top stove - Induction Cook Top - Modular Cook Top

Stove, Hob & Oven Problems?

  • Stove light turns on but plates wont get hot! 
  • Stove switch Indicator lights wont turn on 
  • Oven element wont turn on!
  • Stove coils wont turn off! 
  • Electric shock from stove.
  • It is tripping electricity

Which stove brand would you like us to fix?

Samsung | Defy | Bosch | Hisense | Seimens |Salton |  LG |Whirlpool | SMEG 
AEG | 

Fridge repairs randburg

Top Freezer - Side-by-side - Bottom Freezer - French Door - Counter Depth - Mini Fridge - Display fridge
Under counter fridge
- Wine coolers - Camping fridges - Gas/electric fridges - Bar fridge - Ice makers - Chest freezers

Fridge Problems?

  • Fridge sounds on but not getting cold
  • Freezer Isn’t freezing but cold.
  • Fridge sounds like buzzing all day nonstop 
  • Food is going off in fresh food compartment
  • Buildup of Frost in the Ice Dispenser
  • Fridge Light bulb not coming on
  • Tripping electricity
  • Leaking water
  • Freezer working but fridge warm
  • Is everything freezing?
  • My fridge too cold

Which fridge brand would you like us to fix?

Samsung | Defy | Bosch | Hisense | Seimens |  LG |Whirlpool | SMEG 
AEG | GoldAir | KiC

dryer broken gauteng

Manual Dryer  – Vented Dryer – Automatic   -Heat Pump Dryer

Dryer Problems?

  • Dryer makes loud vibration noises
  • Dryer never heats up but running.
  • Dryer leaves clothes wet even after a long cycle
  • Dryer runs but then shuts off quickly. 
  • My dryer Trips electricity
  • Burning smell coming from dryer
  • Leaking water from dryer

Which dryer brand would you like us to fix?

Samsung | Defy | Bosch | Hisense | Seimens |  LG | Spindel
Swiss | Mellerware 

Let us help you get back to finishing your laundry!

Bring All Your Small Appliances to the doctor. We will fix it all for you!

  • Microwaves
  • Kitchen aid mixers and blenders
  • Kenwood food processors
  • Oil heaters
  • Gas heaters
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Petrol and Diesil Generators
  • Karcher cleaners
    and many other domestic appliances

Which small appliance would you like us to fix?



What are our customers saying?

“ Thank you for such  prompt excellent service on our Microwave Well done” Malcom

“ The fridge is working perfectly. Thanks so much for the excellent service!”  Ingrid

“Ivan and his team are amazing – they are always on time and the value for money is incredible! Always offering honest advice so I would recommend them to anyone needing applicance repairs”. Lisa Blignaut

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We are certified dsyon products expert repairers. 


With decades of experience between us, our technicians are Legendary!

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